Toolbox Talks are an important part of our safety training resources. These provide a ready-resource our company can utilize to quickly refresh our employees on key safety topics in our industry. The topics that are covered in this section are written by experienced individuals who know the proper methods to ensure a safe workplace. Some of our employees teamed with the SWR Institute & OSHA Alliance helped develop these Toolbox Talks. It is our recommendation that each and every company institute a formal safety program with regular safety meetings and training sessions. Toolbox Talks are a great way to start!

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In partnership with our OSHA Alliance we have produced the following OSHA-Alliance approved Toolbox Talks.

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What the industry says About Us

GDA Contractors are experts in the waterproofing world. Our projects benefit greatly when they are involved in the preconstruction process as they support us by providing valuable constructability and pricing information. During the construction phase, they are a reliable trade partner with a strong focus on schedule and quality. It is always very comforting to know when GDA Contractors is working on our construction projects.

Granger Hassmann Vice President, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

We have enjoyed our partnership with GDA Contractors for close to 30 years. They are the most consistent, trusted, and helpful partners in the business. They are a big part of what we do.

Monte J Thurmond Executive Vice President, South Region Manager, AECOM Hunt

SSI and the GDA companies have worked together over 30 years . We have always valued the good communication and business practices set forward by the management group at GDA. GDA promotes doing a project the right way, not to just get off the job. SSI values the business the GDA companies have shared with us.

Duane Barnett President SSI

Our largest liability on any project is water intrusion. I trust GDA Contractors to provide accurate fair pricing and perform the work correctly every time. Using a quality contractor like GDA provides me a peace of mind on every project they are a part of.

Kenton Heinze, President Braun & Butler Construction, Inc

GDA has consistently been raising the bar for the waterproofing industry and for their GC clients, through industry advocacy, sharing of lessons learned, excellent scopes at bid time, and through their informative “Caulktail Hour”s.

Steve Whitcraft, Preconstruction Manager Turner Construction Company